The innocent and the real estate agent

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Because you're a buyer...

Crook agents keep sucking in buyers like you by quoting prices that look affordable.

You think you’re in with a chance. You get your hopes up. Maybe you pay for a property report.

Then it comes down to the wire and it’s way beyond your budget and the agent knew that from Day 1.

Why do unethical agents do this?

They want you coming to inspections — then they'll take down your details so they can pester you later.

They want your face at their auctions because crowds make it look like they’ve done a good job for their seller.

Because you're a seller...

Crook agents don’t just con buyers, they also manipulate sellers.

The big one? “I can get you more.”

To get you to sign up they’ll promise you the impossible. They’ll wait a while before they start to tell you things like there’s less interest in your home than expected. That you should reduce your price.

They have a name for it: Conditioning.

They’ll lower your expectations. They’re more interested in making a sale at any price than delivering what they estimated.

Guess who loses?

Because you're an agent...

You know it's true: All agents get lumped in with the crooks.

"I'm an estate agent," is not a good opening line.

Ethical agents lose a lot of business to agents who lie. Ethical agents want to see crook agents clean up their acts or get kicked out of the industry.

That’s not going to happen until the government does its job.

Tough laws. Enforced.

Starting with outing the liars.

Big fines. Even jail.

Get serious. Get on that petition.

Where did this start? With David Morrell. Because he's angry.

Plenty of agents will tell you that David Morrell is a ratbag — he has been calling them out for years. Legions of buyers think he’s a hero.

He's been in real estate for over 40 years, first as an agent. Then he introduced buyers advocacy to Australia and changed everything — he was the first to act exclusively for buyers and now hundreds have followed his lead.

Nobody has done more to expose agents’ shoddy practices.

And now? “It’s worse. It’s as bad as it’s ever been. And what's beyond worse is that governments around Australia are letting crook agents get away with murder.

"We have to tell them that's not on.

"When the politicians see votes in acting, they’ll act."

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A petition to the Government of Victoria...

... to adopt the C.U.R.E. Method to identify real estate agents who are serial price manipulators and to commit to enforcing existing laws to stop them.

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