The innocent and the real estate agent

We know how to stop real estate price lies.
Now we have to get the government behind us.

Imagine asking an estate agent how much a home will sell for and receiving … (drumroll) the truth!

No more wasted time, wasted property inspections, wasted hopes. Just the truth. That agent's best estimate. In person or online.

That’s what this is about.


In Victoria, every agent has to put a price estimate on every home they sell — whether that's an auction or a private sale.

Then every sale is registered. The government knows exactly how much was paid.

Every single home. Every single agent.

How will we stop the lies?

We'll use a tracking algorithm which uses estimate and sale data to identify which agents get it right and which ones don't. If they're consistent underquoters or price manipulators, they'll face court.

When they know they'll be found out, they'll stop. Or be stopped.

That's where you come in:

Stop the lies. Put your name on the petition.

"When the politicians see votes in acting, they’ll act."

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A petition to the Government of Victoria...

... to adopt the C.U.R.E. Method to identify real estate agents who are serial price manipulators and to commit to enforcing existing laws to stop them.

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